Teleman’s Family of Aliens

I was in London earlier this month, staying in Shoreditch and taking some time to see what’s new and amazing. I enjoy mellow vocals with psychedelic energy and was very into what Teleman has put together on “Family of Aliens”. If my dreams could sound like something, this would pretty much be it — the fantasies, not the nightmares.

The record features recent singles Submarine Life and Cactus, and will be accompanied by a UK tour that kicks off on 27th September in Bristol. It’s a fun, well-written, retro good time that had a simple, unpretentious charm.

In a recent interview with Dork, they say of the release, “We want to keep evolving and keep discovering. This band is one long journey for us, and we never want to stop developing and finding new ways of creating music.”

The “Family of Aliens” has abducted me. Check out Cactus below: