Princess Nokia: 1992 Deluxe

Princess Nokia

It looks like the last few months of 2017 are going to be very exciting with new music. This summer has felt a little off to me – possibly a statement to the times we’re living in.

I’ve been following Princess Nokia for a while now and excited to see the deluxe release of her 1992 mixtape (named after the 25 year-old’s birth year). This is a reissue via Rough Trade that includes eight new tracks, new emotions and backstory on her experiences in foster care, growing up in fear and being generally misunderstood by the people around her. A lot of us can relate.

For new music, the pendulum is starting to swing back the other way and consumers are seeking authenticity now more than I’ve seen in years past. When I heard Kendrick Lamar decry Photoshop earlier this year and when I see Cardi B rapping to herself in a small city bathroom with V05 on the counter in Red Barz, the people on the rise are the ones being honest about their experience. It’s crystal clear that most of us will never be royals…

1992 is as real as it comes for growing up in NYC experiences. It’s like bodega food, it’s nutcracker on the beach, it’s jumping turnstiles, it’s skateboards in the park, it’s open fire hydrants in July – all of that vibe. This record will definitely transport you back in time if you’re old enough to remember it.

Check out “Bart Simpson” for a taste.