Don’t K.I.D About Sleepless Nights

Anxiety? Insomnia? Sexual frustration? Well you’re in luck because finally there’s a new EP for many of us based on the actual reality of our times. A few years back when Lorde dropped “Royals” I was like, thank God. After a while it does get tiresome to hear song after song on the radio with pop stars bragging about things you will never have (and don’t actually need or want). If you know me well, I have terrible anxiety based insomnia that turns many of my late nights into what looks like super boring episodes of True Blood. Right now I’m really feeling “I Cannot Sleep at Night” among others on this EP.

Produced by Mike Crossey (The 1975, Wolf Alice, Arctic Monkeys), K.I.D’s new EP “Poster Child” has a mid-to-late 90s alt pop vibe — almost tracks I could have seen written and performed by Garbage or on the soundtrack of some movie with a very broken, yet inspiring protagonist. Candid lyrics and sparkly pop are a good recipe to bring to life the art within the mundane struggles of simply living.

The EP gives us a taste of what we can expect from the full-length debut later this year. K.I.D’s new EP “Poster Child” is available digitally everywhere today via Columbia Records.