Missy’s Missed Demeanor

“I’m Better” ft/ Lamb just dropped in the middle of the night. Call me a lamb or a sheep, indeed. When Missy Elliott puts something out, you leave your job in the middle of a meeting, you hang up the phone on your grandmother, cancel your yoga class, leave your kids sitting in the rain after soccer practice… you get the picture. Missy has always been an innovator, bored with the status quo and always looking to experiment. We’ve been thirsty for new music for years.

Truly a missed demeanor, Missy swagger has been the blueprint for so many artists that have come up in the 00s and 10s and we’re glad she’s back with a hot track at a time when we are all better together and need to remember the value of the good people we have around us. January is usually such a dead time for music. Like a middle school dance, no one wants to go first. This was definitely the right time and we needed this.

No word on a new album yet, but Missy is a perfectionist and if I have to get out of my rocking chair at the retirement home and throw elbows at nurses, I will definitely get my hands on it. In the meantime, she’s working on a documentary which appears to really go deep on her writing and process which should be exciting for later this year. True fans hold a torch and “I’m Better” has already cracked the top 10 on iTunes (over night, mind you). Can’t wait to hear and see more; and per usual, the video is lit.