Falling In Love with Mrs. Magician

I don’t think it’s someday that I’ll fall in love. Pretty sure that’s happening right now with this track from San Diego-based Mrs. Magician. Just listened to this thrice upon discovery. Rare sounds from simpler times. “You’ll Fall in Love” is from the Thrill Me 7″ Singles Series and the band is largely inspired by the big sounds of classic 60s pop and rock, with structures more associated with 70s and 80s power pop.

They released Bermuda this past spring, loaded with my favorite brand of bright psych-pop with deeper, under-the-surface themes if you pay close attention. There’s something that just feels very real about trippy pop that explores more complex human issues, because at the end of the day, that is the truth. Many of us need to carry on with a smile, despite the ongoing mental chaos. We get up, grab a cup of coffee and try again each day.