Matt Woods: Ain’t No Use

I promise we’re in a good mood over here despite some of the recent love-related, yearning and burning posts. I really hope that for 2017, actual singing comes back in style and that Matt Woods helps to usher in this trend. “Ain’t No Use” also answers any question I ever had about what would happen if a young, brooding English gentleman was adopted and raised by a black gospel choir. Neo-soul, a little planet JT and a little Robin Thicke with these vibes, but definitely more of groovable indie-pop crowd pleaser.

From Matt: “There’s a difference between getting over someone, and choosing to move on from them. The track is about accepting that some people will always have a hold over you no matter how much you’d like them not to.” Matt Woods was born and raised in Cornwall, moved to London 3 years ago to pursue his passion in music. So many great UK artists this season.