Tkay Maidza’s Swaggerific Debut

Over the past few years, I’ve been keeping an eye on Tkay Maidza, the Zimbabwean-born, Adelaide-raised 20-year-old has been impressing crowds at home and overseas with a string of impressive singles and a mini-EP, earning comparisons to Azealia Banks, Santogold and M.I.A. She brings the energy, spits hard and is one of those artists that makes me think, I’d love to be this person’s friend in real life. I’m always happy to see people like Tkay come into their own. Like Fiona Apple said at the ’97 MTV VMAs, “… this world is bullshit, go with yourself.”

Anyway, she’s back with some swaggerific tracks, while not as incendiary as the likes of “M.O.B.” or “Switch Lanes”, but more garage and straight-up hip-hop, with electro-ballads in frenetic three-minute bursts. There’s a consistent theme of self-empowerment here, which is great to hear during this busy home stretch into the holidays. High school vibes or not, these are messages we should always keep in mind. The self-titled TKAY is out now and worth many spins.