Le Tigre: I’m With Her

I swear. Hearing from Le Tigre for me is like waiting for some rare astronomical phenomenon to happen. In the spirit of tonight’s debate, this pro-Hillary Clinton anthem, “I’m with Her” is their first new track in over a decade. The lyrics don’t need much interpretation: “She’s ready with the plan/and she’s always got to work twice as hard as every man,” “Trump has got to go,” “Trump thinks Putin is a strong leader/just like him–a facist bottom feeder/building a wall is his greatest vision/bigotry colors his every decision.”

Le Tigre has put out 3 albums and 2 EPs from 1999-2004 and have toured all over the world. Born from feminist rage, this song is their plea to voters to join them at the ballot box on November 8th to destroy Donald Trump.