Emma Is Marked For Death

I spend way too much time listening to music and writing about it, but artists like this make it impossible for me to pull away. “Protection” caught my attention this week. It’s hauntingly powerful and gives us the intent that I sometimes feel is lacking from pop music these days. With all sincerity, I miss this brand of ambient, dark, doom and gloom rock. It became the new normal to pretend that everything was alright in music in the early 00s, but this is more near and dear to my heart.

Emma Ruth Rundle is a songwriter and visual artist from LA. You may know her from her work with the post-punk bands Marriages and Red Sparowes. She’s also released a few solo recordings. A the end of September she released her sophomore album Marked for Death. As the title suggests, there’s a lot of exploration and pondering of mortality, channeled into the stories of a relationship gone wrong. This is giving me Cranberries, Mazzy Star, Placebo, Garbage, all of that. Now comes the part where I wait for the house to be empty so I can look up all the lyrics and belt this one out.