Solange Just Wants a Seat at the Table

I generally try to keep posts to new artists or up-and-comers that need to be shared with the world. Still, every once in a while I get very excited about something more mainstream that I absolutely need to talk about here. 2016 has been such a strange year and I’ve never felt or experienced such regression (and aggression) around race and gender equality. Anti-intellectualism is unfortunately in vogue and more and more artists are making culturally responsible music as a result. It’s important that we understand everyone’s experiences if we hope to make positive changes.

A Seat at the Table examines being black in America and is full of brilliant interludes and commentary on divided realities. In a recent interview, Solange explained, “I think that A Seat at the Table for me is an invitation to allow folks to pull up a chair, get very close and have these hard uncomfortable truths be shared. It’s not going to be pretty, it’s not going to be fun, you may not get to dance to it, you’re not going to breathe easily through it, but that is the state of the times that we’re in right now.” This album unapologetically lives in a racial divide that it cannot, and will not, bridge—it’s not here to lecture or enlighten the people who “don’t understand.”