Rainsford: Too Close

Rainsford a.k.a. Rainey Qualley is an LA based songstress making some very soulful pop songs that remind me of the very early 90s when people were bringing home their first CD players and questioning how long shoulder pads would remain a thing. This is a chill, soulful artist who originally had her start in country music before revisiting and rebranding her sound. She is the eldest daughter of actress and model Andie MacDowell; together with younger sister, “Leftovers” actress Margaret Qualley, she was raised purposely away from the entertainment world, before flocking to it at 18.

“Too Close” is a simple, relatable, radio-worthy track from a different era but with modern production to pull it all together. This could have been a fun Sheena Easton or Jody Watley track back in the day. Great vibe, great sound.