Cheers to The Veers

When the Beatles dropped “Norwegian Wood” in 65′ it was the first broadly released recording of a Western rock band playing an Indian instrument. Since then the sitar found a home in psychedelic rock globally and it’s an instrument that I can never get enough of. The aptly titled “Reflector” commands the same energy of change, discovery and revelation. It’s deeply layered and will give you all the feels, trust me. My hat goes off to bands that I know must spend an incredible amount of time putting these kinds of arrangements together. I receive a lot of messages from artists, but this has really been standing out to me this week.

Prior to forming Veers, vocalist and guitarist Andrew James, originally from London, lived in New York for a number of years. Later in LA he met other transplants – bassist Roland LeFox, guitarist Sam Woodbury, and drummer Tommy Roslak – and formed the band in 2015. Their self-titled debut EP is out now and I’m excited to keep tabs on what they get up to.