Our Girl: Being Around

When I get in my car for a good drive and map out the radio plan, I often land on the XM radio “Lithium” station, not only because rock of the 90s and early 00s is nostalgic for me, but because I was able to learn those songs so well and we had more time as a generation to spend with music then. You bought a record and that was your allowance there. You listened to it start to finish, flipped through the cover art and had the full experience.

Our Girl’s “Being Around” takes me back to that place, but with modern twists and sensibilities, proving that rock is not dead, we just don’t have enough people making this kind of music. This Brighton trio is doing it right with this track. It’s beautifully written, relatable and unpretentious. Apply this to your lives everyone. In love with this. Their EP Normally will drop from Cannibal Hymns on Nov 18th.