Cakes Da Killa: Up Out My Face

What can I say, I just love Cakes. Always in the audience at Baby’s All Right or possibly stalking him from 40 feet away at this year’s Afropunk, I’m just blown away by the talent. His lyrics and his flow… I just nod my head. It’s like when you’re by yourself and a Nicki verse comes on and for like 60 seconds, you can escape and pretend you’re the shit. As a queer rapper, he’s also blazing a trail with zero fucks to give toward any dissenters.

From fan-boying out on mixtapes, to this moment in time, Cakes just released “Up Out My Face” with Peaches. It’s edgy, metaphor laden, in your face, club rap at its finest. I separately have been all about Peaches for years, so this combination — I’ll call it PeachCake — has me pointing at the menu and going “…yasssss.” More please.The record Hedonism drops next month. Get amongst it.