Mallrat: Underage & Underrated

Mallrat is a 17-year-old Australian with such a mix of influences and sounds that it almost seems impossible for her to have had the time to be so inspired.  It’s pop, it’s rap-ish, electro and dreamy, with a laid back cadence that fits almost everywhere. For me this almost sounds like a missing chart topper from the late 90s — like a strong alternate for the Cruel Intentions or Jawbreaker soundtracks. “Tokyo Drift” is a perfect example of taking the best parts of then and making it very now.

Some are comparing her to Lorde, although their styles are totally different. I can understand why though, as both ladies from that region of the world remind me of how not cool I was when I was this age. So much confidence and self-awareness with these post-millenials. The EP is Uninvited but the sounds are quite welcomed.