Time & Glass Reign from Ukraine

I’m really not trying to make it easy on myself with these songs lately, but this was the first track I was bumping to as I got dressed this AM. The track, “Probably Because / Наверно потому что” is from Ukrainian pop duo Time and Glass or Vremya i Steklo (Время и Стекло). The group consists of two very pretty people, the red-headed siren Nadya and the stylish Positive. The song (in Russian) is basically about being stuck in your own emotions over someone and trying to get over it so you can chill and have a good time. Everyone on every corner of the earth has gone through this at one point or another.

This sound is so unique though, with whistling electronic beats and energetic in-your-face pop vocals. You wouldn’t get this confused with anything else. From what we can attempt to translate, it looks like they were put together a few years back through a vocal competition and have become one of Ukraine’s biggest acts with the number 1 most viewed video on YouTube last year for Ukraine. 100M+ views is some serious impact and they are rumored to be working on an English album. This video also makes me want to follow these two around to every party that they go to.