Alfie Jack’s Boyish Playground Antics

Alfie Jack is formed of two singer-songwriter brothers, George and Freddie. Their folky guitar pop combines modern­ day acoustic folk with punchy beats and youthful exuberance, attitude and themes of boyish realism. “Uniform”is from their upcoming EP, Playground Antics, set to drop on 9/28. All artists (or anyone going against the grain) should check this out. It’s a fresh take on the keep doing what you do and to hell with those that tell you otherwise message from two guys that I doubt have ever fit in based on where they’re from.

Living in rural Lincolnshire they are patriots to country life where they have grown up in an eccentric home and write their music in a converted barn. Taking their music around the UK they have played The Camden Ballroom in London and Folk And The Water Festival. Ones to watch.