A Blond/Blonde Moment with Frank Ocean

A few weeks ago when Frank Ocean released Blond/Blonde I was kind of bummed out by the lack of more widespread news in mainstream LGBTQ media. On top of a very personal and well written record, there is a visual component and print publication — Frank has gone all out here. He is one of the few mainstream artists using male pronouns throughout his music, which he explained in his milestone 2012 “coming out” Tumblr post. In line with this, can we talk about the wonderful and intentional ambiguity of the two different spellings for this record? He has also made millions following the independent release on his Boys Don’t Cry label.

“White Ferrari” is about taking the final car ride ever with someone you care about and realizing how often you’ve taken the other car rides for granted. It’s interesting when the mundane is flipped on its head, taking on more meaning as our lives constantly change. Miami-based producer/remixer Vasta has updated the track, giving it new life outside of your house or commute with new club scene possibilities. Kind of like enjoying Lana Del Rey on a night out once a DJ has sunk his/her/their claws into it.