Gallant: Pulling His Weight In Gold

I was at Afropunk in Brooklyn a few weeks back and every year I do a bit of research on any of the artists I’m not as familiar with. Gallant stood out as one of those get-out-of-my-way-who-the-hell-is-singing-this folks as I was perusing tracks. His voice in unreal and automatically forces me to think through how I can not be rude when I ask people not to speak while I’m listening to this.

After graduating from NYU, he moved to LA and was discovered by manager Jake Udell, the man behind EDM breakouts Krewella and Zhu. He has a diverse group of influences including Babyface and Incubus, and earlier this year dropped his debut album, Ology, to critical acclaim. On tour this fall, see him now while tickets are affordable because this is only going to escalate and deservedly so.