Soft Hair: Lying Has To Stop

I was a huge Late of the Pier fan back in the mid-to-late 00s and had always wondered where that sound went. Nothing has been quite like it since and this new collaboration with Connan Mockasin is the kind of ethereal indie pop that I love.

Connan Mockasin is the New Zealander who has worked with James Blake and released two solo albums in Forever Dolphin Love and Caramel. Sam Dust was a member of British band Late Of The Pier who split in 2010. He returned last year as LA Priest and released an unconventional and unbridled synthpop debut, Inji. During the past five years these two have written and recorded together, though nothing has been released until now.

The duo will release their self-titled debut on October 28 and are streaming the single “Lying Has To Stop.”