Abra the Darkwave Duchess

Music sounds a certain way when you know the artist is still up and coming, hungry and open to opportunities. Abra’s 80s synth, basic drum beats and danceable R&B bring me back to a simpler time when we had more focus on the artist, the story and the body of work. We no longer spend time flipping through album art and rather than buying a whole record and listening to what the artist is trying to say from start to finish, we live in a singles world. Her alt R&B style is against the grain and on the rise.

Abra is a London-raised artist with Atlanta influence, whose new EP, Princess is gathering buzz in NYC clubs and can be heard on Fashion Week runways. She’s almost at 50K followers on SoundCloud (compared to half of that last year) and her alt R&B style is quickly taking flight. This is an unmet need in music today, so if you’re looking for a modern twist on a classic sound, check her out.