Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion

Let’s talk about Gaga for a minute. I’ve had a good handful of conversations with people – love her or hate her – about what’s she’s doing, where she going and what is an anticipated “comeback” for this upcoming album. I loved Artpop, although it didn’t benefit from the best marketing. The sequence of the singles was screwed up for a number of industry reasons and it was all mixed in with this show tunes angle of Gaga alongside Tony Bennett later on. Still, let’s not forget that Artpop did debut at #1.

She can sing, she can dance, she can act. However, the world has been wondering who she really is and what we can come to expect. There are growing pains to evolving as an artist and challenges that come with being overexposed. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are, because eventually it’s like being in school again and watching the straight A students collect award after award. Hooray for them, but surprising people will harder. Everyone needs to step aside from the spotlight for a little bit here and there to regroup.

That said, “Perfect Illusion” is giving me what I’ve always loved about Gaga, but feels much less self-aware than many of the tracks on Artpop. It’s fresh, dynamic and has some very creative levels and key changes, not to mention insane vocals, so good luck with this one at karaoke next year. The album Joanne will drop on October 21st featuring some close collaborations with Beck, Mark Ronson, and Giorgio Moroder (just to name a few). Now let’s hope Interscope does right by her because she’s been working her ass off doing it all.

You’re been under a rock if you haven’t heard it, but here:

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