Die Antwoord Slays Mount Ninji Style

By far one of the most unique and memorable groups that I can name on one hand, South African rap-ravers Die Antwoord absolutely slay every record they put out without any chill or restraint, whatsoever.

Recently in 2015’s Chappie and Harmony Korine’s Umshini Wam, they’ve been quietly creeping into the US cultural zeitgeist over the last few years. Suicide Squad has also been accused of biting the group’s aesthetic this past summer – notably Harley Quinn serving zef realness with every opportunity. I’m sure there will be several Yolandi Vissers running around this Halloween.

Speaking of which, if music genres were movie genres, Die Antwoord would be a psychological horror and we all need that every once in a while. Set to release their fourth full-length album, Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kidon September 16Die Antwoord’s evolving style continues to give us more reasons to keep looking and listening.

Check out the single for “Banana Brain” below.